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Project Week - Daily Updates

Posted on 26/05/2016

Day Four

Local Adventure
The local adventure crew headed out to moors valley today for some  high ropes and mountain biking and clearly a spot of afternoon tea.

Who would think that already we are on day 4 and the pupils will be packing their bags and wending their way home tomorrow. But never mind that, what have we been up to today?

Well it was the science museum today for group 2, and a lovely sunny day too. A special workshop all about  the brain taught us how different parts worked using neurons, – this was kindly demonstrated by Will and Emily. Then we had a Lego robotics session and lots of time to experiment on the 300 odd exhibits in the museum. Some made a tornado, some used a microscope to see leaves and we were all astounded by the sight of blood pounding through the veins in our hands. This truly is an amazing place and definitely worth several visits.

On the way out of Bristol we caught glimpses of Clifton Suspension Bridge and then headed back to base for swimming and fish and chips. So now the camp fire is being lit; jokes to be told, singing to be sung, talent to view and sticky marshmallows to be covered in. Yum!

Looking forward to our own beds tomorrow, it must be admitted, but still Bath to come. Mrs Brazier is gathering new ducks for her class collection and everyone is keen to spend the last of their money in the Pump Room shop.


Day Three 

Local Adventure
Here are some great shots from the Local Adventure of the last three days, team work, courage, bravery, just some of the many skills displayed by our students.

At the camp fire yesterday we discovered that Mr Stow knows some interesting songs, a few people could tell old jokes and Tyler is very good at rapping! Many thanks to Mr Downton for the campfire songs and marshmallows.

It’s a bit chilly today but some hardy souls are still in shorts. Pupils have packed bags and it’s off to SS Great Britain in Bristol. Mr Stow is a big fan of Brunel and told us lots of intriguing facts about the ship. The museum was fascinating and several children had a go at steering the virtual ship – not always successfully! It was great to see children dressing up in appropriate historical costume.

Today is changeover day…. so we waved sadly goodbye to group 1 and welcomed a lively group 2. Going over SS Great Britain for a second time meant staff were ready for the surprises but pupils weren’t. He he!

After a spot of shopping (Mrs Brazier fell in love with a soft cuddly cat), the new group headed off to Grittleton House. Shrieks of delight at room choices were followed by a chicken dinner and a walk of the grounds.
Tomorrow it’s the amazing science museum called @Bristol. Well worth a second visit!

Playground Makeover
Back in school we can’t promise high ropes or rifle shooting but we did improve our playground facilities for the day.

Day Two

Bridge Building
Some of our year 6’s who are leaving for bristol tomorrow have been involved in a bridge building challenge and a mosaic themed activity. Here is just a few shots…

The camp fire smoke is billowing across the field so we’re looking forward to toasted marshmallows, what a lovely end to another great day! In Bristol, the science museum, was fascinating. Everyone was very hands on and did lots of science without even realising. The Lego robotics workshop helped us practise our programming skills and it was great fun trying to make the robots do the manoeuvres.

Dinner was chicken curry and chocolate brownies – Miss White-Young won the battle for the last brownie. Perhaps it made up for losing a game of battleships to Mrs Brazier. International relations are going well, a group of Dutch students are here and some of our lovely pupils are teaching them dance moves.

The next group are going to have so much fun !!


Day One

Local Adventure
Monday was a day of challenges, from working as part of a team trying to race on wooden skis to scaling the heights of the climbing wall and finally almost everyone had a go at abseiling, including Mrs Baynham.

All arrived safely and we’ve settled in quickly at Grittleton House.  It’s been a busy day already – we walked down to the Royal Baths and Pump Room and toured the baths. Some brave souls even tasted the rather revolting healthy water! We had a chat with a real Roman and were very impressed with the displays on show. Liam had an interesting encounter with a pigeon – he did have to check his hat afterwards though.

Project Week 2016 - Day 1 3After a picnic lunch, everyone was let loose on the slides and swings in the play-park – no injuries, phew! The best competition was “how many people can you get on a roundabout?” I think it was 14.

So now this evening, after a lovely dinner of spaghetti bolognase and profiteroles, it’s time for ball games, card games and Mrs Nice being competitive at 7s.

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