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FMS Award Rights Respecting School Level 2

Posted on 06/03/2017

On December 1st we were visited by two members of the Rights Respecting School team who came to assess us for the Level 2 award. During the morning, members of Pupil Voice and School Council conducted a tour which included talking to pupils and staff in the classrooms, they held a discussion with a selection of other pupils from across the year groups about their RRS experience and a group made up of staff, parents and governors were also interviewed.

After receiving the Level 2 award, we received some very positive feed-back on their visit. They were particularly impressed with the following: our pupils being active in the community; compliments week, which helps children to feel valued and combats bullying; our School Charter which helps us to integrate many of the rights; our awards: Eco Silver Award and International School Award; the range of clubs which inspire and encourage our pupils to develop their wellbeing; the many opportunities we have to make our voices heard; the Growth-mindset which keeps our pupils feeling positive towards their learning; the variety of engaging displays around the school building.

We are extremely proud to have been given the RRS Level 2 award after all the hard work pupils and staff put in to preparing for the visit.

Written by members of Pupil Voice.

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