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Project Week : Healthy Lives - Healthy World

Posted on 09/06/2017

We had a fantastic week in school during project week where our focus turned to what it meant to live a healthy life in a healthy world. Children rotated around a series of activities and learning experiences designed to help them understand the impact of their decisions on their lives and how this in turn impacts upon the world. There was so much going on from the RNLI visiting us, first aid training, fitness seminars and understanding the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it was planning and cooking a family meal for a fiver or measuring our impact upon the environment, everyone had a great time. Just a few highlights include…

Mrs McKinley led us to understand that our current protein consumption is perhaps unsustainable and that we can find alternative protein sources in the most unexpected of places. Of course, we had to taste test these little critters, some proved fairly tasty.

A huge thank you to Richard Newton who stepped in at last minute to run two days first aid training. His charismatic and lively approach got all the children involved, practicing their resuscitation, basic first aid skills and how to use a AED machine. Invaluable knowledge to pass on to so many of our students.

We so often just chuck out old clothes, not this week. Children were challenged to get creative and repair, reuse and create a new item from what was old rubbish. It was great to see the children apply their skills in a creative way, creating pencil cases, pillows, bags and new items of clothing.

Our week concluded with a challenge afternoon. 12 teams took part in a rotation of team building challenges designed to help them work together, grow in leadership and celebrate the end of a fantastic week.

Thank you to all the children for being so brilliant and our staff team for going above and beyond to deliver a truly great week.

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