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Y7 PSHCE Virtual Reality Internet Play

Posted on 28/09/2015

Year 7 pupils were given the opportunity to watch a play about the dangers that the internet can pose. In the words of pupils;-

Synopsis of the play:-

Chip gets a new computer from his grandparents and his world turns upside down. The computer, called R.O.B, is not what it seems. Will Chip be able to resist the urge to play, will he do his homework or will he be in the clutches of a screen for the rest of his life? Harry

“I have learnt to be safer on the internet because you don’t know who or what is there.” Kayleigh

“I have learnt how computers can change your life from bad to worse and how much time computers can take up.” Hayden

“I learned not to use bad comments on Facebook because it can hurt other people’s feelings and give people nightmares for a long time.” Joshua


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