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Summer Term Farewell

Posted on 21/07/2017

Today marks the end of another year at Ferndown Middle School. Whilst it is always a relief to reach the end, it is important to take time to reflect on all that has been achieved this year. The children have shown resilience and determination and have succeeded at every level, whether it is in their academic studies, the sporting arena or as part of an extra-curricular activities. It is impossible to highlight one stand out memory among them so I’ll leave it to our end of term video to do that for you.



For our year 8’s is is the end of the time here at FMS, and what a privilege it has been to bring them on their journey with us. Last night we celebrated together at our awards ceremony and after party. Congratulations to all who were nominated and to the winners. To all all who have contributed to the life of the school during their time, thank you.



It has been rewarding to watch you grow and mature from year 5 to year 8. Leaving us now to move on to the next stage of your education, I hope you embrace and relish the new challenged. Know that challenges are opportunities to grow and in time to improve your knowledge, skills and understanding.

I would like to thank the parents, carers, governors, staff and all the children for their continued support and dedication to the school. You have all been brilliant and deserve the summer break that tomorrow will bring.

Mrs Allen

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