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Food at FMS

Posted on 26/09/2017

Let’s Get Cooking
Let’s get cooking club is on a Monday lunchtime in PA12 with Mrs Hartley.  It starts at 12.20, when you eat your lunch.  Students get to cook a variety of healthy foods and snacks from the lets get cooking website.  All sessions are free and encourage students to eat healthily.

10 students cook at one time.  We run whole school events such as the “Make Away” competition, where students are encouraged to make their favourite takeaways instead of buying them.  Improving skills, knowledge and awareness of healthy eating in cookery.

The FMS Bake Off
At the end of every half term we run “The Great FSM Bake off”.   Students are given a design brief and asked to design a baked product with a specification.  The 5 best designs go through to the “FSM Bake off”; in the last week of term, when the school buys the ingredients for the student’s bake.  Students have an hour to create their products.  The final bakes are then judged by our team of experienced staff tasters.

Winners are announced in the end of term assembly and prizes given out.

Farm to Form
We work with Tesco’s and the Eat Happy Project to raise awareness of childhood obesity and healthy eating.

Students get the opportunity to visit Tesco’s Ferndown on a Wednesday morning to take part in Farm to Fork mornings.  Students are given tasks around the shop floor, goodie bags and have the chance to make products in the bakery, make their own muesli, amongst other activities.

Cross Curricular Activities
We focus on developing mathematical skills with students in year 6.  Putting mathematical knowledge into real life cookery situations.  In the lead up to SATs, students are given revision activities in the food classroom, where they learn about weights and measurements.  Scaling up and down, and how much volume is held.

Students focus on SAT’s style questions and get used to the lay out and format of the exams, so that they feel confident reading questions upon completing their exams.  They understand what the question is asking of them!

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