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Year 8 Explore Farm to Fork

Posted on 04/10/2017

Year 8 have been participating in Farm to Fork days at Tesco’s.  Beth Rose from the Tesco Happy Eat project, ran a fantastic session about healthy eating.  This reinforced student’s classwork, encouraging them to understand how much sugar is in 100g of cereal.  They also looked at the difference between fresh, frozen and tinned produce.  Students were able to taste test a variety of healthy snacks.  Students learning was developed even further using deeper questioning, getting them to think about the importance of healthy eating, nutrition, the impact on their bodies and health.  Students have been looking into the health risks linked to eating too much sugar, fat and salt.  Students have cooked meals to feed their whole family.  They understand the importance of cooking from scratch to avoid added sugar, salt and fat.  They also understand the nutritional importance of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables within our bodies.  All students were extremely well behaved.  They received a goodie bag from the morning and enjoyed the experience of searching the shop floor.

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