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‘I’m an astronaut get me out of here’

Posted on 16/01/2016

Tim Peake SelfieThursday 7th January 2016
Ferndown Middle School was lucky enough to gain a place for one of the ‘I’m an Astronaut Get Me Out of Here’ events run by Gallomanor. This is an online event where pupils got to meet and interact with real astronauts who were part of the team that trained and supported Tim Peake’s mission to space. The pupils chatted to the astronauts during the live chat session, where they asked questions about the astronaut’s life and their work or about any aspect of space. The pupils fully engaged with this experience and asked some interesting questions, mostly about Tim Peake and his experiences in the ISS. They were particularly thrilled when they were congratulated on asking a great question.

Friday 15th January 2016
The pupils had the opportunity to witness Tim Peake’s historic spacewalk as it was actually happening. Screens were set up in the hall for pupils to watch over lunch and in the science lab. Some pupils then were able to continue watching during science lessons. This experience generated lots of interest and questions. Especially, as some pupils had been able to see the ISS in the sky as it passed over in the morning.

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