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Year 8 Alcohol Awareness Day

Posted on 08/02/2016

Today the year 8 pupils watched a drama, called Time in a Bottle, kindly funded by the FMSA. This play is integral to the teaching of PSHCE and alcohol. Below is a synopsis of the storyline.

The play tells the story of Al Kohol who in traverse theatre setting shares with the audience key moments in his life, to date, from 6 – 24 years old.

Like any young person, Al absorbs all that is around him-at home, school and other outside influences.  From a fairly early age alcohol is highlighted on TV/adverts/cinema/ shops/ films/posters/sponsorship/family gatherings/soaps … but no-one seems to talk to him about what it really is!

Once at secondary school, Al meets Tony Pearce – who exploits Al as one of his “mates”.  From daring Al to steal cans from a shop to drinking challenges and according to Tony-“..having a laugh!”, Al gets caught up in a vicious circle of  ” Beer pressure” that takes him through those vital teenage years.

A series of bad choices culminates in Al suddenly realising that his “habit” of drinking has now taken him through to young adulthood and after a shock at home he realises that too much time has been put into a bottle – now it’s time to take a step back and work out what he really wants.

Please take the time to discuss the issues raised in this play with your child.

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