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Richard Herrishaw

A warm welcome to Ferndown Middle School from all of the school governors. Our school is a welcoming place where all of the staff work together to provide a wide variety of opportunities for all pupils in a safe environment. OFSTED rated it as good in 2014 with the children’s behaviour being rated as outstanding.

What does a governor do?
One evening back in 2003 while I was at the Middle School for an event I found myself wondering what was the purpose of governors. I had only been in school as a child and a parent so I had no idea really about what goes on behind the scenes. I have always believed that education is really important and that every child must be offered that chance. I also believe in middle schools, they have the time and space for children to grow, prior to moving on upper school and all the pressures that brings.

Governors are involved in the strategic direction of the school, they help manage the finances, are responsible for employing staff and make sure the school operates safely. It seemed to me it was a good opportunity to help out and to get some valuable experience in return, but there was some scary stuff in there. I decided to give it a go and amazingly, I am still here.

That was quite some time ago and now I am delighted to be the chair of the governors at Ferndown Middle School. We have a good team of governors who are parents, retired people and those in work. We give what we can, taking the ‘critical friend’ part of the role seriously. Some of us help out with school trips, giving us a chance to meet some of the children.

Mrs Allen and all of the staff are very warm and welcoming and happy to discuss the issues which arise in any school. They certainly have the interests of all of the children at heart.

If you have a question for the governors then you can email us at or leave a message at the school office.

Richard Herringshaw
Chair of Governors

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