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What part of our lives, at work or play, whether we are young or old, does not involve dealing with computers in some way? With that in mind, during their time at Ferndown pupils will be given hands on experience using a wide range of software and hardware, developing skills that will be used in a variety of other subjects as well as outside of school. This can range from creative video, audio and image editing projects to developing their problem solving skills by programing robots to successfully navigate a maze.

Understanding how and why a computer does what it does, component by component, along with what goes on behind the Google search screen gives a pupils a greater understanding of key areas of technology. The use of free software, with resources easily accessible outside of school via the web, allows those students who want to do so to extend their learning even further.

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Internet Safety

The UK Safer Internet Centre have produced a number of useful fact sheets for parents and carers.

What to trust online (A Parents and Carers Guide)

Parents and Carers Resource Sheet

Family Online Safety Plan

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