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Ferndown Middle School
Peter Grant Way Ferndown Dorset BH22 9UP


At Ferndown Middle we believe that learning a language should be fun! Learning a language is like using Lego blocks. At first you use basic blocks to build simple models, then as you get better at using these, you start to use more sophisticated blocks in order to make more complicated models. In years 5 and 6, pupils are taught French using the Catherine Cheater method. This teaches pupils a limited amount of vocabulary but shows them how to use this in a variety of different ways: the “basic blocks”. There is an emphasis on learning the language phonetically and on their speaking skills.

In years 7 and 8, pupils add to the language learnt and there is an emphasis on them learning how to become more independent language learners by manipulating the language and using key grammar structures: “the more sophisticated blocks”. This gives them the skills needed to be successful language learners at Ferndown Middle and beyond.