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Ferndown Middle School
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All children are expected to arrive at school wearing correct uniform listed below. Every effort is made to keep our school uniform as simple and as economic as possible. To purchase, visit The School Shop, West Moors.


  • Light blue shirt (Long or Short Sleeved)
  • FMS Tie (Blue and White Striped)
  • Black Tailored Trousers or a Black Pleated Skirt
  • Summer Term only – Black Tailored Knee Length Shorts
  • Black or dark grey socks or tights (white knee/ankle length socks may be worn with skirts)
  • FMS V-necked navy blue sweatshirt or FMS navy blue cardigan
  • Sensible black flat shoes with laces, straps or buckles (No canvas or pump style shoes or logos)

Jewellery and Make Up

Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery and/or make-up to school, including nail varnish and extensions. However, children with pierced ears may wear one set of plain metal studs, rather than sleepers. These will have to be removed for safety during PE/Games sessions. We believe that extreme hairstyles do not support the ethos of the school and ask that parents avoid allowing fashion styles during term time. This includes no inappropriate hair accessories/designs and no unnatural hair colours.

P.E. Kit

  • Blue and white reversible long-sleeved games shirt
  • FMS logo royal blue short-sleeved shirt
  • Black shorts (no tight gymnastic or cycling style shorts), long blue socks,
  • Training shoes, studded footwear*,
  • Shin pads and a towel.
  • PE Bag

A blue FMS tracksuit can be purchased for use during the colder months.

*Studded Footwear – All children will need studded footwear for football/rugby and hockey type activities. The reason we wish pupils to have studded footwear is for safety and as advised by national sporting bodies and the BAALPE Handbook of Safety in PE. If parents do not wish children to wear studded footwear, they will need to inform the school in writing.

No jewellery is to be worn in PE and Games lessons.


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