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Bristol 2016

Posted on 09/06/2016

The Year six children made the most of all the opportunities open to them on the Bristol/Bath trip this year.  School staff were sincerely impressed with the behaviour and attitude of our children who were a credit to the school.

The stay at Grittleton House was delightful.  The weather was perfect throughout the trip.  The grounds were idyllic and the accommodation (in the stable block rather than the creaky and cobwebby old house) was very comfortable.  Both groups were lucky enough to get a turn in the inside/outside swimming pool.  We enjoyed a tour of the grounds full of made up stories such as “The History of King Grittleton and the Curse of the Weird Witches” and “How Sir Grittleton lost his arm”.  Campfires were full of singing, jokes and marshmallows

“The Roman Baths are both interesting and informative.  The staff are friendly and all modern innovations are purely so you can view the baths in greater detail.  With the audio guide, you can gain an insight in the life of people living in and around the baths in Roman times.  It is a wonderful place with a friendly atmosphere and a deep vein of geographical and historical facts.  You can also, and this was my favourite bit, taste the water from the ancient spring.  It is thick and rather odd but tastes delicious in my opinion. “

“Our second visit while we were in Bristol was the @Bristol Science Museum.  When we arrived we walked in to meet a member of staff who gave us a quick brief of what we were going to do.  @Bristol is a very interactive place with lots to do from making massive bubbles, playing music through your jawbone,  the 3D planetarium which was amazing, a shadow freezer and water contraptions.  We also had a lego robotics workshop where we had to complete various tasks.”

“One of the best places we went to in Bristol was the SS Great Britain.  For group 2 it was the first place we went to when we got to Bristol.  Before we went onto the ship and into the museum we went under the ship so that we could see the sides of it.  We could see the few holes that were there.  Afterwards, we went into the museum which was next to the ship.  It was really interesting and there were a few interactive activities we could do in there.   Later, we visited the top of the ship.  We got to turn the wheel and then went downstairs to see where the Victorians ate and slept.”

A big thank you also to Mr Clarke and Mrs Tucker, the school governors, and Mrs Pestell who came along on trip with us.  We could not have run the trip without your support.  Thanks also to the redoubtable Mr Downton who, as ever was an inspiration to the staff and fantastic source of entertainment for the children at the campfire.