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Local Adventure 2017

Posted on 08/06/2017

Fantastic weather, exciting activities and well behaved, enthusiastic students meant that everyone enjoyed the Local Adventure experience.

The week started with a day at Moors Valley. The students explored the play trail on foot and ventured further afield on bikes. The play park was also a popular spot.

The week at Butchers Coppice began with rifle shooting, archery and the most popular event tomahawk throwing. Jasper and Beth especially enjoyed the tomahawks! The trampolines were great fun and there are some super “bouncers” among the pupils, especially Luke and James.

The rock climbing wall proved challenging for the students, who had to scale the lofty height and the teachers who spent a long time belaying the students. We all developed superb muscles. Abseiling was great fun and most students gave it a go and overcame their fears.

Next came the more challenging activities. Students were asked to climb a high and very wobbly tower (I know this because my group of students insisted I went first!) and then to jump off and attempt to grab a bar. Then, students worked in teams, crate stacking to see who could build, and stay standing on a tower of milk crates. The winning group created a crate stack of 17 crates. Well done Sydney and Leah.The zip wire was great fun and there was a superb view from the top of the very high tower. The cooling breeze was enjoyed by all as we sped along the wire.

Lunchtime picnics, visits to the tuck shop and free time to play games with friends or the instructors all added to the fun of the week.

My thanks go to the staff, instructors and students who worked so well as a team and helped us create so many wonderful memories.