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Local Adventure 2018

Posted on 04/06/2018

Moors Valley
Hot, sunny weather and a fantastic group of well-behaved pupils made for a fabulous day at Moors Valley. The play trail was enjoyed by all, the huge wooden eagle feature being the most popular of all. The cycling activity was great fun, although we have a few tired legs and sore bottoms today. Special mention must be made to the hard work and determination of two boys who started to learn to cycle for the first time.

Butchers Coppice
A fantastic four days has been spent at Butchers Coppice. The pupils have bounced on trampolines, balanced on ropes, fired arrows and shot at targets and that was just the first day! Abseiling and climbing needed courage and strength. Most of the pupils gave it a go, overcoming their own fears, the end result lots of smiling faces and a huge sense of achievement. A more unusual activity was the tomahawk throwing. It takes a special kind of teacher to give pupils an axe, although they begin ;earning with an angel; and then ask the pupils to throw it at a target.

The latter part of the visit was all about self-belief and trust in others. The climb up to the Leap of Faith was a challenge in itself, standing on the wobbly platform then jumping out to a pole takes that bravery to a new level. Yes we were tied on, but in those seconds when you are stood at the top it can feel like hours! The support and encouragement that the on lookers gave the climbers was wonderful to see and hear.

Everyone loved the zip wire. Whizzing down the long wire, admiring the view below was a good reward for the climb up to the top of the platform where the ride began. Some brave souls even tried the zip wire a second time and hung upside down!

The instructors at Butchers Coppice were patient, encouraging and are to be commended for making our week such a positive experience.