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Year 5 River Study

Posted on 05/06/2018

Despite a change of location after the first day, Year 5 had a wonderful trip to the river Corfe in the beautiful setting of Corfe Castle. This was an opportunity to apply the knowledge the children have learnt from their topic in school on rivers and complemented the activities in school during Project week. Once on site, the children were met by a tutor from Leeson House and completed a range of activities. Before lunch there was sketching of the river and identification of the features seen and the processes in action such as erosion and deposition.

After lunch, the children were then able to get in the river to measure the depth, flow rate and look for living creatures – you would be surprised how many things you can find when you look! Who knew there were such invertebrates as a rat-tailed maggot or a freshwater shrimp? This activity also allowed us to work out the pollution levels of the water and we are pleased to report the pollution was low. Year 5 really enjoyed this trip and were a pleasure to take for the day.


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