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Art Exhibition

Posted on 20/07/2018

This year Ferndown Middle School held their first art exhibition in order to celebrate the hard work and commitment that the pupils show throughout the year. As the head of art I was personally excited to announce this event in the hope that it would help to recognise the pupils’ achievement and progress. It was a great success and it was lovely to see so many beaming faces. There was a vast range of art exhibited from year 5 pupils up to year 8.

This was a unique opportunity for everyone to see how talented Ferndown Middle School pupils are and we were privileged enough to have the presence of visitors from the wider community including Gino and Leo from Bournemouth University, they commended us on the ‘vast variety of talented and well finished art pieces’. They went on to say that this was a ‘good sign of things to come’.

As you can appreciate to put an event like this together takes great teamwork and dedication, so I would personally like to thank not only the pupils for the exceptional hard work and dedication that they show but also to Miss Clark and Mr Whitton who assisted me throughout the process of putting this event together. An event like this isn’t possible on your own, it takes the school community to come together. So thank you to everyone!

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