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End of Autumn Term

Posted on 21/12/2018

It is often at this time of year that many of us begin to look back and reflect over the year. For all of us at Ferndown Middle School, the Autumn term has been one of tremendous success. We’ve seen new initiatives started, partnerships forged and strengthened and outstanding learning in all areas of the school. It would be impossible to mention all of my highlights, as there have been so many, but there are a few that stand out as reflect.

In September, we officially launched the daily mile; a dedicated time during in every school day for staff and children to get outside, to get active and enjoy running or walking our 1 mile course. We’ve had special guests and competitions to help keep us motivated and we look forward to pushing on in the new year.

This weeks’ Christmas Show saw over 100 performers take to the stage. It was a fantastic blend of drama, dance and music. It once again highlights the dedication of the children to practice and rehearse to such a high level of competency.

Yesterday, our fantastic catering and lunchtime team served Christmas lunch to over 350 students. It is a joy to see the children celebrating the end of term together and enjoying this festive treat. As always, it is the team effort of the whole staff body that make such an event a success.

Can I say a heartfelt thank you to all the children for their continued effort throughout the term and their dedication to learning and support of our school community. To our parents and carers who have gone the extra mile to ensure our children and reading to learn. And finally to all our staff, who, after a 15 week term deserve a time of rest before the new year rolls in.

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