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FMS Celebrate British Science Week

Posted on 15/03/2019

This week in celebration of British Science week the science department have organised many activities for the pupils to participate in. They have had an opportunity to ask questions to scientists to develop their knowledge and to find out more about careers involving science within the ‘I’m a scientist’ live chat sessions. During lunch times pupils have been involved with hands on experiences and watched TED science clips. Whilst some have investigated questions like, Who can make the fizziest bath bomb? or Who can make the smelliest perfume? other budding scientists, designers and engineers have considered jazzing up junk and tower building. Pupils have created posters for a national poster competition with the theme journeys. There is still time to enter this.

In addition we have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing the ‘Gases in the Air’ science demonstration assembly mainly given by Tim Harrison of the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol. This was part of the prize awarded to the school when some Year girls became the national winners of the CLEAPSS primary science competition ‘No more cabbage’. The demonstration included displays of physics phenomenon and chemical reactions. Including big bangs, fire, colour changes cloud making showing changes in state. Pupils and staff were amazed and enthralled by with comments like awe-inspiring, very funny, I saw things I’ve not seen before, epic and even it improved my knowledge.

During lessons pupils have been involved in the Citizen Science project Operation Weather Rescue. The pupils have helped to digitise old weather reports providing them with a chance to have a real involvement with scientific developments for the future. You too could get involved at

A selection of year 5 pupils were also invited to visit a planetarium show at Ferndown Upper School.

It has been a busy week in the science department. Some feedback from some of the pupils includes fun, fascinating, enjoyable, and interesting and something you wouldn’t learn every day. Some photographs will be on the school web site.

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