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World Voices Project Week Review 2019

Posted on 07/06/2019

This year’s Project Week in school, was based on the theme of World Voices, with the aim of allowing pupils to explore their place within their local community as well as their place as citizens of the world. Pupils were put into groups and assigned a country to research and create a mood board to reflect this country (watch this space for the winning group!) It was brilliant to see some really effective teamwork and some healthy competition as they vied to create the best mood board!

Throughout the week, pupils “visited” many different places in the world: starting with their home in Ferndown as they reflected on what their ideal home would be and wrote a Chinese Portrait Poem to explain what sort of person they were. They also looked at their diets and reflected on healthy eating. From here, they ventured into Europe as some pupils researched Italy and Germany and all pupils tried Danish Rounders and were also entertained by the visiting French Theatre Company! The continent of Africa was discovered through research work on South Africa and from our visiting African drummers, Cheik and Omar, who ran the African Drumming workshops. Spanish and Latin American culture were brought to the pupils by way of our Zumba sessions, Spanish lessons and fajitas making and tasting! Asian culture was also explored: India was one of our countries to research and the pupils had lots of fun making and eating samosas and onion bhajis. The Far East was brought to pupils who researched Vietnam and Japan, and every pupil had a go at some Martial Arts with Richard from SAMA and the Japanese Taiko drums with Mrs Rice. The World quiz and Mrs Hartley’s cooking sessions also gave students access to the whole world!

It was incredible to see so many happy, smiley faces as pupils tried lots of new things. Pupils were asked to reflect on their favourite part of the week and so I will finish with a few pupils’ voices: “I like research because we found out new stuff”; “I particularly enjoyed Taiko drums because they sounded great when we played them”; “African drumming, we played drums and danced. The people were nice too”; “I enjoyed Danish Rounders because it was something different”; “cooking as I got to try new food”; “Martial Arts because it was fun and interesting”; and finally, my favourite quote from the week, when asked to choose their favourite activity: “I enjoyed all of them, I gave top marks to them all so I can’t choose!”

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