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Year 5 Project Week 2019

Posted on 13/06/2019

The scurvy seadogs in Year 5 enjoyed spending our Project  Week launching our nautical theme for the final half term of the year. We began with a visit to the magnificent HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, exploring the ship, learning about life on board and enjoying a range of fun activities to do with being on the open ocean! Back in school, we spent time learning how to ties knots, communicate through semaphore and draw a compass rose. The children spent a long time creating highly detailed and carefully illustrated treasure maps which look magnificent, as well as producing a pirate flag for their own ship. Some of them would strike fear into the hearts of even the hardiest of sea dogs! We finished our week with Pirate Day! The maths treasure hunt was very challenging and the wanted posters about the pirates we designed were wonderful. Our week finished with an afternoon on the field playing the ‘traditional pirate games’ of capture the flag and rounders. All the teachers are very proud of the effort put in by the children throughout this week and everyone in Year 5 is now looking forward to our upcoming units on Maritime History and the novel Treasure Island.


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