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Eco Council News

Posted on 13/12/2021

The Eco Council has had an exciting few weeks! The students have been busy completing an environmental review on the school and have chosen to focus on three main areas for our Eco Schools Green Flag application.

Years 5 and 6 are keen to focus on waste.  They have many brilliant ideas to reduce the waste in our school and their action plan includes decreasing the amount of plastic in lunchboxes and the canteen, reintroducing litter picks and continuing to monitor and expand our recycling programme.

Our keen and committed year 7 team is focusing on biodiversity and helping nature in our school grounds. Their action plan includes creating bird feeders and bird boxes from recycled materials and placing air-purifying plants in every classroom. They have written brilliant letters to garden centres requesting help with this action and Haskins has kindly offered to help and donate plants in the new year. Thank you, Haskins!

Year 8 are very excited to be focusing on Healthy Living and wish to introduce new meals ideas to the canteen.  Other ideas include a healthy snack bar and fundraising to buy more equipment for use at breaktimes.

Our eco message is pervading through the school and recently, like the nations in COP26, some of students have created their own eco pledge to make a small change to their lifestyle to help the planet.

Eco Council’s Top Tip:
Christmas is approaching and you’ll soon be thinking about wrapping those presents.  Why not use brown paper, decorated by the children for a personal touch, or recyclable wrapping paper. Foil and glittered wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Even better, presents can be wrapped in colourful fabric and scarves and they can be reused again next year!