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At Ferndown Middle School we aim to provide effective opportunities for all pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs, in all areas of the curriculum.  We are a good school (OFSTED) with good and outstanding teachers and therefore the majority of needs are met by universal, targeted, differentiated, quality-first teaching in each classroom.  We have high aspirations and expectations of all our pupils and set appropriate learning challenges for each pupil’s level of ability both in the lesson and for homework.  Individual and group interventions are provided for those identified as requiring structured programmes and support. At Ferndown Middle School we use the Three Wave Model, a graduated approach to special needs;

Wave 1 is on offer for all students, in inclusive, high-quality learning classrooms. Teachers will use the SENCo’s guidance and within their subject aim to remove barriers and meet need. The next stage is about teachers knowing and deciding at what point, for any individual pupil good, universally targeted quality-first teaching is not enough.  This is when support will move to Wave 2.

Wave 2 -staff record evidence to show the strategies tried and demonstrate what has worked and what has not worked. This information forms evidence to inform the next steps.

Wave 3- is the final stage when there is a trail of evidence that Wave 1 and 2 interventions do not meet identified need. At this point the SENCo and possibly external professionals become more closely involved in identifying, planning, monitoring and reviewing individual support across the curriculum.

SEND Information report November 2017
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