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Music is around us all the time. It opens the doorway to infinite possibilities for pupils to discover and develop confidence with a host of transferable skills. In an ever-changing world, it’s important for pupils to have access to a variety of real life scenarios that nurture resilience, problem solving and adaptability, which will prepare them for the future.

At Ferndown Middle School music department, we promote and instill an attitude of inspiration, aspiration, resilience and a passion for life-long learning. Our ever-growing, well-equipped department provides pupils with the foundations they need to create their own masterpieces and soundtracks for future success. They learn to appreciate music in many ways across an ambitious, progressive, creative and challenging curriculum. Pupils will learn to understand the transferable skills they can develop from an outstanding music education. They will be more aware of different avenues and career options available to explore within the music industry.

Pupils go on a journey of personal musical discovery, both in and outside the classroom. They demonstrate their learning from different starting points and are encouraged to develop their musicality and grow in confidence, performing with increasing accuracy. Pupils explore their creativity and learn to nurture and develop their musical knowledge- both as individuals and as part of a wider team. There are many opportunities to listen to, compose and perform their own music inspired by others throughout history.

All children have music once a week and participate in a range of musical activities including singing, composing and performing using a variety of tuned and untuned instruments and in a variety of musical styles. Lessons are carefully planned and adapted to suit all pupils’ needs to ensure every child receives a well-rounded music education.

There’s always something new to discover in music at Ferndown Middle School. Whether it’s the cyclic rhythmic patterns of Djembes in West Africa or the rumble of the Bateria of Samba, from Brazil. Our pupils are immersed in a variety of musical knowledge from around the world, regardless of background, so they become musically minded and are prepared for life in the wider world and community.

Many of our most vulnerable, challenging, and disadvantaged pupils make equal or better progress in music compared to other groups. Some of our SEN and PP pupils make exceptional progress in music and are challenged to develop their ideas and playing skills further. All pupils are taught to ‘think musically’ and are encouraged to explore and create as a working musician.
Music doesn’t end when you leave school. Neither do the life skills and events that music offers. Music offers a way for pupils to learn a host of transferable skills that they’ll embed and use for the rest of their lives.

Pupils are encouraged to nurture and extend their musical adventure outside the classroom. Learning an instrument & how to express yourself is a skill and a pleasure to be enjoyed throughout life. Pupils at Ferndown Middle have the opportunity to further focus and feed their musical curiosity by learning an instrument with one of our Private visiting specialist music teachers. There are also many opportunities to get involved with an extra-curricular music club.

Pupils’ can explore the magic that music brings through a variety of cultures, traditions and different eras from across the globe. They will develop their confidence, refine their talent and thrive on the unforgettable experiences.

Striking the Right Chord with Music at Ferndown Middle School.

  • An ambitious, creative and progressive music curriculum fit for purpose and reflects values of the school community as well as interests of our pupils
  • Musical Passion & Skill from Staff to inspire our pupils to take creative risks, develop resilience, confidence and demonstrate commitment
  • Nurture, Challenge & Inspire-Celebrate existing knowledge, and be curious to explore the unknown- Be proud to be different and demonstrate improvisation skills.
  • Individuality Develop individualised, self- paced instruction. More control for pupils over their own learning- unleashing their learning velocity.
  • Freedom to fly Pupils that excels in music are encouraged to explore and master their craft. Learn to make mistakes and develop a masterpiece as a result.
  • Current & Relevant Explore how music is being created in the ‘real world’. Through a combination of live music making with instruments and exploring new technology & equipment. They will develop an understanding of the elements & roles involved in composing & performing, and how they can become life-long musicians.
  • Real World Opportunities Competitions, real life music industry scenarios & contracts for students to experience what it’s like to sign a record deal!
  • Industry Professionals Connection with real life artists- Live Q & A sessions with working musicians, webinars
  • Many Roles Understanding of various roles in the music industry- Copyright laws, contracts, legalities, liability, marketing, safety online
  • Learning beyond the classroom Opportunities to further excel by training toward graded music exams.
  • Blast from the Past Inspiration from past pupils from FMS to give advice and encouragement.
  • Musical mentors Pupils already learning to master an instrument encourage those who are keen to learn.
  • Transferable Skills Pupils understand the transferable skills they can develop from a high quality music education. They have knowledge of different avenues and career options available to explore within the music industry.
  • Celebrating differences Smash the stereotypes and embrace the universal language of music. Pupils are enriched through introduction and immersion of different cultures, traditions & music styles.
  • Practice makes perfect- Effective rehearsal techniques & practice strategies
  • Ready for anything- Resilience, tolerance & understanding in any given situation