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Managing Medicines

Administration of Medicines

Medicines in School 

If you wish school staff to administer medication to your child during school hours on a regular/ or one-off basis, parents must fully complete the consent form which can be obtained from the school office or on the school website.

Staff will be unable to administer any medication (this includes throat lozenges) without the required form – a note or a letter will not be acceptable.

All medicines must be handed in to the school office with a completed form this includes for throat lozenges and must be in their original box or container. All prescribed medicines must be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the instructions for administration. Please do not put medicine in your child’s lunch box or bag. Staff are unable to administer aspirin or medicines containing ibuprofen unless they are prescribed by a doctor.

Pupils should not carry any medication except for Asthma inhalers in school for self-administration.   If you would like your child to carry their Asthma inhaler in school, please complete the ‘Request for a child to carry his/her medicine’ form. We are also able to store a spare inhaler if required.

If your child has previously kept medicines in school, you will need to complete and return a new form at the start of the new academic year.

We would appreciate you letting the school know if your child is regularly taking prescribed medication so that we can be aware of any possible side effects.

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