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We recognise that the move from year 4 into year 5 is a big step and can often harbour some anxieties; both for the children joining us but also the parents. As a result we have developed a robust transition program that lets those children joining us in year 5 experience school life at Ferndown Middle before they arrive in September. It is mixture of events in their own school where they get to meet some of our teaching team but also events at Ferndown Middle where they get to explore and become familiar with our surroundings.

Y5 Induction Eve Presentation 19-20

Transfer Day – Friday 5th July 2019 for Yr4

2016 – 2017 Transition Events
Last year’s transition events were a huge success. If you want to find out about them have a read of the news articles below.

music-transition-events-2016-8Year 4 Get Musical at FMS
pe-transition-event-2016-4Year 4 Get a Taste of PE
Maths Transition Project - 10.02.2016 4Year 4 Launch Pancake Business
art-and-food-transition-08-11-16-2Year 4 Get a ‘Taste’ of FMS


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