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Ferndown Middle School
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Extra-curricular activities are an important feature of our school and we have a long tradition of offering high quality opportunities and activities outside the usual curriculum. We believe that these activities are an important and exciting feature of school life and contribute enormously to our pupils’ social and academic development, giving pupils confidence to tackle those parts of the curriculum they may find more difficult. There is an extensive menu of extra-curricular activities on offer including music, design and sporting provision.

Extra Curricular Clubs Summer Term 1 – 2024

Please note the following:

  • Please read through the choices with your child and ensure they are clear on where the club is held and the joining instructions.
  • Please be aware that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the child knows that they are attending an after-school club.
  • Parental permission is required for your child to attend an after-school club, please use this link to confirm your consent.
  • Please make arrangements to collect children following an after-school club and make sure that the child is aware of these arrangements.
  • We will endeavour not to cancel after-school clubs at short notice – if however, this is necessary; either ParentMail, telephone call, or SMS will notify parents.
  • External club arrangements are with the club and not the school.

Sporting Opportunities

The sporting activities are varied and wide-ranging. All pupils are encouraged to participate; many pupils enjoy the competitive aspects of the team and individual inter-school events as well as the non-competitive sporting activities on offer. The school has achieved great success at local, regional and national level. Updates on the sporting events are included on the website.

Musical opportunities

The highly successful music department offers a full range of peripatetic instrumental lessons, as well as choirs, orchestra and a band. Concerts and performances throughout the year give pupils the opportunity to showcase their achievements as well as the opportunity for parents to enjoy the achievements of the pupils.