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Castleman Academy Trust is consulting on School Admissions Arrangements for all their schools for 2024/25, seeking to streamline the Admissions Policies into one policy.

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All our admissions are through Dorset Admissions

If we can help in any way contact the school office
T: 01202 876556

Admission at the end of year 4
Children transfer to middle school at the end of year 4. If your child is already in a Dorset school, information will be sent via your child’s school during the Autumn term before your child transfers. Parents will need to make an application using the required application form online at School Admissions

If you are joining from outside of Dorset visit School Admissions

Admissions not at point of transfer
We welcome admissions throughout the year for all year groups.

If you are considering  a place for your child or children at Ferndown Middle School, the first step is to contact the school on 01202 876556 or via the school email, to make an appointment to tour with the Headteacher. If, after the visit you decide that Ferndown Middle School is the best school for your child, then you will need to apply via the website. The school is also willing and able to help with application.

In-year Applications are when you wish to move your child from one school to another part way through their time at a school.

Together with other schools in Dorset, and in accordance with statutory requirements, Ferndown Middle School has agreed to join the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme for the entry admission and transfer process for 2022-23.  Therefore, the in-year application and allocation process will be handled by the Local Authority.

Full details of the application process and the application form, can be found on the Dorset website on the link below.

Details of the application process for appeals can be found on the Dorset Council website on the link below:

Appeals against Applications 

AppealTime Frame
For a parent to submit an appeal to the Local AuthorityAt least 20 schools days from the parent receiving notice of the refusal of a school place
Notice of the appeal hearingAt least 10 school days before the appeal hearing
Appellants (usually the parents) to submit evidence8 school days before the appeal hearing
Admissions Authority (the school) to submit their evidence8 school days before the appeal hearing
The clerk (person organising the appeal) sends appeal papers to the parents, the panel and the school5 school days before the appeal hearing
Additional evidence from the appellants: sometimes the appellants want to provide additional information after seeing all the papers5 school days before the appeal hearing
Decision letters sent to the appellants: this is the letter that tells the appellant if their appeal has been upheld or refusedWithin 5 school days of the hearing (wherever possible)

For in year and late applications: those that came in after the deadline and have not been decided by the offer date. Appeals must be heard.

Within 30 school days of the appeal.
For applications made in the normal admission round appeals must be heard.Within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals. Appeals must be submitted by Friday 26 March.

Please click here for details of how to appeal a school place refusal: “


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