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The excitement and curiosity about learning goes hand in hand with each pupil achieving the highest academic success of which they are capable. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers work hard to provide inspiring lessons that both engage and challenge our pupils.

In school, the heart of the challenge is in the classroom, and through high quality teaching our pupils are inspired to exceed their expected achievements across the broad curriculum. As a Middle school, we provide a diverse range of opportunities. We strive to fulfil the national commitment to engage all learners in physical activity through a broad range of clubs. Dedicated reading time, is driving a measureable improvement in the key skills of reading and literacy, and so enabling successful learning for our pupils across all subject areas.

We set challenging but achievable targets and monitor pupils’ progress to ensure that their academic goals are achieved. We support and extend our pupils’ passion for learning, fostered by our staffs’ passion for teaching.  With our outstanding facilities and specialist teachers, we are able to make the most of each learning opportunity.

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Pupils will receive home learning, the amount varying to suit the needs of the individual. Year 5 and 6 pupils will receive homework for the core subjects of English and Mathematics. A home learning project is also set in Year 5 three times a year. Pupils in the other two year groups will have a planned homework timetable covering a range of subjects. Homework diaries will be issued at the beginning of the school year. Homework is recorded on ‘show my homework.’

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The full homework policy can be downloaded on our policies page by clicking here.

Homework Timetable 2019-20


At Ferndown Middle School we want both pupils and staff to be proud of the pupils’ work books. We ask all pupils and staff to follow the attached presentation guidelines.

Presentation Guidelines

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