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Ferndown Middle School
Peter Grant Way Ferndown Dorset BH22 9UP

Vision & Values



The curriculum at the heart of all we do at Ferndown Middle
School has three core outcomes; to develop confident and successful learners;
to exemplify and cultivate responsible citizens and to inspire children
to be aspirational individuals. Our vision helps direct children to see
themselves as learners, but also expands their horizons to plan for their
future as valued members of both the local and global community.

Our vision is for all children at Ferndown Middle School to
be confident and successful learners; well-equipped and resourced for the
world they will inherit. This will of course start by ensuring all children
make excellent academic progress and achieve their highest potential. However,
learning at Ferndown Middle School is deeper than just this; it is about
guiding children to develop a genuine love of learning and an understanding of
both the purpose and importance of learning beyond the classroom.

We also want our children to become responsible citizens
in the world they live in. This is about helping them to see how the choices and
decisions they make not only impact themselves, but also those around them.
This begins local; with friendship groups, school communities, clubs and our
locality but has much farther-reaching impacts as children consider their roles
and responsibilities in our wider, global community. Ultimately, it is about
shifting the children’s focus from primarily thinking about themselves and
instead, to consider deeply, the impact they have on those around them.

Finally, our vision is for all children to leave us aspirational
. By guiding children to consider their purpose and place in not
only our school community but also the global community, they can begin to
develop a vision of how their future selves will play an important role in
society they live. Whilst all adults have high aspirations for every child, our
vision is that children are aspiration, taking it upon themselves to the
be the best they can be.

Curriculum Outcomes

Confident & Successful Learners

Responsible Citizens

Aspirational Individuals

Children make excellent progress.

Children achieve their highest academic potential.

Children are able to articulate their learning.

Children enjoy and are engaged in their learning.

Children know how to learn.

Children understand the importance of learning

Children make choices that have a positive impact.

Children have an awareness and understanding of local, national and global issues.

Children actively promote and celebrate diversity and fight inequality.

Children actively participate in the wider life of the school and beyond.

Children are able to take responsibility for their own learning and lives

Children are enthusiastic about their future possibilities

Children take opportunities to extend their thinking and learning.

Children are self-motivated.