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Ferndown Middle School
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Vision & Values

Vision and Aims
Ferndown Middle School will create a sense of community in our school, where all members of that community are proud to be a part of the school. We will provide a full range of opportunities for all pupils. As a school we will strive for excellence in all aspects of school life. Our vision and aims can be summarised under three key objectives.


Valuing community is a core value that permeates much of what we strive for at FMS. Understanding our purpose, not only as part of the school community, but also part of the wider community of Ferndown, helps our pupils, staff and parents work together to benefit the school and the communities it serves.

We aim to:

  • Forge strong links and communication with parents.
  • Create opportunities for pupils, staff and parents to become involved.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s education.
  • Ensure that pupils are aware of the local community and the global community.
  • Ensure the school has an involvement in both the local, national and global community.
  • Invite members of the community into the school.
  • Allow pupils and adults have a voice in decisions affecting their lives in school.
  • Develop the spiritual, moral and cultural aspects of a child’s life.
  • Ensure that our school is safe and free from any discrimination.
  • Care for every member of our school.

High Quality Education

Providing high quality education and opportunities for focussed learning is a foundation at FMS. We believe that all children have a right to quality education where learning is engaging, well-resourced and leads to outstanding progress and achievement.

We aim to:

  • Provide an exciting learning and motivating environment.
  • Provide well managed and accessible ICT facilities across the school.
  • Ensure that the playground is a safe, vibrant and happy place to be.
  • Provide a variety of techniques and strategies for teaching and learning.
  • Provide resources within the classrooms to aid learning.
  • Ensure that all pupils feel safe within the learning environment.
  • Ensure that all pupils are aware of the importance of staying healthy and understand the strategies for doing so.
  • Develop a good understanding of economic wellbeing for all pupils to function successfully in the wider community.
  • Encourage pupils to assess their own work and look for developmental areas.
  • Praise and value good work by using the school award system by display or publication.
  • Celebrate achievement through assemblies, the award system and prize giving.
  • Recognise and reward all aspects of achievement. For example, citizenship, academic progress and attainment, sporting, music, art and creativity, the sciences and community work.
  • To be aware of the responsibility of teachers to promote self-esteem.
  • Foster the joy of learning.
  • Encourage all pupils to strive for the best in all that they do.
  • Ensure all pupils achieve the highest standards in national tests.
  • For staff to have high expectations of all pupils.
  • Pupils’ and adults’ behaviour is thoughtful and creates a positive learning ethos in all lessons.
  • For staff to develop and foster the skills and attributes of a good learner to include; resilience; motivation to learn; resourcefulness; reflective, curious, enquiring minds; confidence and risk takers.

Diversity and Rights Respecting School

FMS aims to set high standards of attainment and achievement ensuring that similar life opportunities are available to all pupils. To read more about what we believe Diversity and Rights Respecting means to us, click here.


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