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5EH Share Life Cycle Project with FFS

Posted on 04/05/2017

5EH have been learning about the life cycles of plants, butterflies chickens and frogs. Each pupil wrote and illustrated a booklet about the life cycle of a frog which they shared with the reception classes at Ferndown First School. A fantastic project which helped each pupil to learn scientific information, as well as writing for a real audience. All the pupils worked hard teaching the younger pupils about frogs. The reception children were the perfect audience and a credit to their teachers.

The pupils from both schools had a wonderful time and can’t wait to meet up again in the summer. here are some quotes from the 5EH pupils.

“I enjoyed going to the first school to share our work because they were paying interest in what there was to learn.”

“I enjoyed reading my life cycle of a frog to them. They said 100 out of 100!”

“The children said they preferred my life cycle book to the one they chose.”

“The reception children were very well behaved and they said they really liked my leaflet. They were very curious about everything which I liked.”


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