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Mr Higgins' Brings FMS Reporting Career to a Close

Posted on 14/12/2017

The time has come to write my last piece for the school website and in reflection I cannot believe where my three and a half years have gone. They have gone as quick as Usain Bolt out of the blocks in an Olympic 100m Final. Firstly I would like to thank the fantastic pupils I have had the privilege to teach and their efforts have been appreciated. It is genuinely awe inspiring to see what the pupils can achieve and watching them give their all on the sporting field has been an absolute pleasure. In PE Lessons pupils are always ready to learn and certainly work hard to improve their skills and fitness. This is ever so more important in the world today where computer games are ever so prominent and school PE needs to have an emphasis on helping young people learn about living a healthy and active life. It has been the aim of the PE Team to try and instill this in a serious and fun way.

As a PE Teacher you get to see the pupils give their all in sporting fixtures and what a roller-coaster of emotion these fixtures can be. It has been such a pleasure in giving up so much of my personal time enabling the pupils to represent the school in the various fixtures throughout my time here and I can safely say all pupils have done so in a committed and professional way. Yes there have been highs and lows but what cannot be denied is that Ferndown have competed at so many levels in a variety of sports. The victories are of course satisfying but sometimes you learn so much more about yourself in defeat and these emotions truly prepare you for what life has to bring in the future.

It is indeed a team effort and I would also like to thank all the families of the pupils that have their lives disrupted by the vast amount of fixtures and I know it is a massive juggling act and this is appreciated. Furthermore, the thanks is spread to my colleagues that have had some lessons disrupted for sporting fixtures and I appreciate their patience and support. This is especially so to our leadership team that allow Ferndown Middle to be at the forefront of the Dorset sporting world. This reaches out to the office staff that book drivers and mini buses and again this is appreciated.

Finally it is a real team effort in the PE Department and I have loved working with Miss White Young and Mrs Turner and shall miss them dearly. Rest assured the PE Department is in safe hands and the beauty with sport is the show always goes on and I wish all pupils every sporting success for the rest of this academic year and beyond. I shall always be a supporter of all Ferndown Middle School Sports Teams and will keep a keen eye on their results.

Thanks for the memories and I have loved every minute.  I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I would like to thank you all for all the presents, cards and kind words, it genuinely means so much to me and I am extremely grateful.

Mr Higgins

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