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Remote Learning

Most children will return to school as part of the phased return from March 8th. Up until Easter, teachers will continue to post remote learning resources to Satchel:One, similar to the pattern of the latest lockdown.

What is being taught?

All children, whether in school or working remotely, will follow their school timetable which retains the broad and balanced curriculum we value at Ferndown Middle School.

How long are pupils expected to work at home?

Lessons are typically 50 minutes long.

The expected learning time for Key Stage 2 is 4 hours (per day)
The expected learning time for Key Stage 3 is 5 hours (per day)

How do pupils access remote learning?

Children will require a laptop or another suitable internet connected device to access their remote learning. They will primarily access their learning through our online learning platform, Satchel:One. Individual login sheets have been provided to all pupils and support is available if needed.

How will pupils be taught?

Children will access each lesson, via Satchel:One, and watch the pre-recorded teacher input. Please note, from March 8th students will not be able to discuss the lesson live with the teachers, however, they can still message them and the teacher will respond in an appropriate timeframe.

Children complete the work set during the lesson time and then submit for class teacher review and feedback.

What is expected as support by parents?

Children need to be provided with an appropriate working environment. Whilst parents are not expected to teach their child, we ask them to encourage and support them to stay on task and focused.

This video provides some helpful advice for support remote learning at home.

If you have any technical difficulties, please e-mail

If you have any concerns about how best to support your child, please e-mail

How will we monitor pupil engagement?

School leaders will monitor daily logins on Satchel:One to ensure that all children are logging on.,

Submission of work will be checked twice a week.

Teachers will monitor the engagement and submission of work via Satchel:One.

How will we flag up concerns with parents?

Senior leaders coordinate contact with parent via e-mail or phone.

Teachers will contact children not submitting work via Satchel:One message facility.

How will we assess pupil's work and progress?

Submitted work is viewed by the class teacher and feedback given.

Other learning platforms, including Century, MyOn, Spellzone, provide immediate feedback but results are also monitored by the teacher.

How will we support pupils with additional needs?

EHCP children are expected to be in school.

Teachers should provide differentiated work for each lesson to cater for the individuals needs within their group.

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