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FMS Create Festive Gingerbread Houses

Posted on 12/12/2017

15 students from a variety of year groups, took part in making the school’s annual ginger bread house.  This is always an exciting and enjoyable task that the students like to get involved with.  Students designed their own ginger bread decorations.  They then helped to make the gingerbread panels by making the mix and rolling it out, cutting around templates and baking the panels.  This year we used the BBC Good food website’s recipe and templates and learnt how to scale up the recipe to make it even larger.  Students then decorated their panels and added sweets.  Then came the careful task of putting the panels together, at which point the house was left to dry in the food room for the night.  Finally students dusted the panels with icing sugar for snow and it has been displayed in reception.  A great effort from all students.