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Year 7 girls Claim National CLEAPSS Science Prize

Posted on 09/10/2018

During science club, pupils were challenged to use practical enquiry to find an alternative natural indicator to red cabbage. The indicator was to show a colour change in lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate solution. The pupils investigated a variety of plants to create indicators. They observed how the indicators reacted to identify solutions that have acidic, neutral or alkaline properties.

Jasmine, Bethany and Isobel are the national winners of the CLEAPSS primary science competition.

They submitted a booklet showing:

  1. How they extracted the indicator
  2. Examples of practical experiments they carried out
  3. Photographs of the samples they tried, experiments and colour changes
  4. Clear results tables and explanation.

The Entries were judged on:

  1. Evidence of the enquiry process
  2. Novelty of the new indicator or procedure
  3. Evidence of clear recording and explanation of results
  4. Evidence of ideas and contribution.

Fantastic prizes include an exciting school science roadshow visit; science equipment and resources for the school; trophies, goodie-bags and certificates for the winning children presented in a special assembly.

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