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FMS Open Evening

Posted on 18/10/2018

Open Evening is a fantastic opportunity to show potential pupils our school facilities. I helped out in the science department. Everyone helping out did a demonstration to show the kinds of experiments we do at FMS. I was showing the Year 4s the basics of the Bunsen Burner. At first it was quite nerve-wracking but I got more confident as the evening went on. (Jasmine, Year 7)

I helped out at the Open Evening which I really enjoyed. My demonstration was looking at mini spiders in a box of leaves. Some tried to escape during the evening but I managed to keep them in the box! The other science experiment we did was looking at the forces of magnets, considering what makes an item magnetic. (Bethany, Year 7)

At Open Evening my demonstration involved looking at electrical circuit boards, forces and a hand boiler (an object that uses hand-heat to move coloured water). It was a fun and rewarding experience. I also think it inspired other children because some were saying ‘I want to do that’ when watching me talk. (Isobel, Year 7)

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