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Children Experiment with Modifying Recipes

Posted on 18/07/2019

In food technology we have modified recipes this week. Students have been understanding how to make changes to recipes in a intelligent and considered way. They have been adding additional ingredients to the recipes, in order to change the taste of the products. This week we have experimented with “Toad in the hole”. Tasfia in year 7 modified her recipe by adding a range of Asian spices, which gave a punchy flavour to her mini Yorkshire puddings. She swapped sausages for frozen vegetables. The results where fantastic. Many students were desperate to try her curried, veggie Yorkshire puddings.
Jasmine in year 7 modified her toad in the hole, swapping sausage for peaches and changing the batter to a sweet mix. She understood that the sugar added to make the Yorkshire batter, should be in the same portion as the flour, as with cakes. We also looked into heavily spicing the Yorkshires to give them real flavour. We added mixed spice and cinnamon to give a warming taste. Gold decorations were added to improve the look of the sweet Yorkshire puddings further.
Students who wish to be more able in cooking are encouraged to make swaps or add additional ingredients and flavours in order to show their understanding. Also developing neater finishing techniques, improving the presentation of dishes. A huge well done to all students who have pushed themselves further, this past year.
Mrs Hartley.

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